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Public views sought on Hardingstone Bike Park proposals

Posted: Thu, 26 Nov 2020 10:24 by Sally Willis

Northampton Borough Council is inviting the public to have their say on its bid to fund a world-class bike park in the town.

The Council – working alongside Northamptonshire Sport, Northamptonshire County Council as well as local volunteer and off-road bike enthusiast Tony Skirrow – has already been successful in the first stage of its application to secure vital backing for the project from British Cycling. More »

Ahead of a January 2021 deadline to lodge a final-stage funding application, views are being sought on the proposed Hardingstone Bike Park as part of a public consultation that launched today.

The proposed free-to-access park would be built just south of Delapre Golf Centre in the Hardingstone area.

Downhill trails, pump tracks and slaloms are some of the suggested features to be installed as part of the project.

The Council also hopes that the park would be able to host events and coaching sessions in the future.

Jonathan Nunn, Leader of the Council, said: "We are at an exciting stage of our plans to create this wonderful bike park, which would provide a much-needed facility for bikers of all ages and abilities to showcase and develop their talents.

"However, it is also important that members of the public are able to give their opinions on the project, and I would encourage them to play a full part in this consultation.

"We believe the park will be of great benefit to the local community as it adds to Northampton's recreational offering and provides another outlet for the town's cyclists.

"Who knows, it could also produce our very own elite cycling star in the future."

Members of the public can share the views on the proposed bike park here – the consultation will run until Wednesday 9 December. » Less

Starship Robot Delivery - Northamptonshire Trial

Posted: Thu, 26 Nov 2020 10:16 by Sally Willis

Starship is the world's leading on-demand neighbourhood delivery service that utilises autonomous robotic technology. It has been successfully operating for two years' across Milton Keynes and in many other cities across the world. Starship's Robots are low-mass, slow-speed, electric devices that travel autonomously on pavements, using proprietary mapping, navigation and three layers of sophisticated obstacle avoidance technology. They are limited to 4mph. More »

Starship have identified Northampton as the ideal place to launch their second operation in the UK.

The initial trial area will go live on 25th November 2020. This will be in Wootton in partnership with the Co-op supermarket. Initially, a fleet of 20-30 robots will serve approximately 3,200 homes in the area during the opening hours of the Co-op shop. When the service goes live on 25th November, residents will be able to order groceries and other items from the Co-op's Wootton Fields store, via the Starship Delivery App and have them delivered right to their front doors.

The reach of this trial covers Hardingstone.

For more information see www.smartmovenorthamptonshire.com » Less


Posted: Tue, 17 Nov 2020 10:14 by Sally Willis

There seems to be a lot of concern about the e-scooters which appear to have been abandoned in the village.

Last week the Northampton operating zone was expanded to include the Brackmills area and to enable people working on the business park to get to and from work, as well benefiting local residents in some of the surrounding areas. It is likely that, if there are e-scooters in the village, they have been used by residents. There are two incentivised parking zones in the village. These are both on High Street, visible on the Voi app, and encourage users to park the scooters in designated areas. However, they can start and end their rides outside these areas. More »

You can find more details of the trial at https://www.smartmovenorthamptonshire.net/page/e-scooters

If there are any specific issues regarding use please email e-scootertrial@Northamptonshire.gov.uk » Less