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Hardingstone Parish Council is here to serve local residents.
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The Parish Room is the office of the Clerk and is where the Council holds its meetings.

Latest News

New Play Equipment

Thu, 12 Jul 2018 11:39 by Sally Willis

Have you seen the new play equipment on the Rec? This has been provided by the Parish Council with S106 monies from the Gardeners View development.

We hope that the children enjoy this over the coming weeks during the summer holidays and for many years to come.

News on 1000 new houses

Fri, 29 Jun 2018 12:23 by Sally Willis

Objections to this development from Hardingstone Parish Council (HPC), Northampton Borough Council (NBC), and residents resulted in a Public Inquiry. However, the Housing Minister approved this development known as the Hardingstone SUE (Sustainable Urban Extension), which is sited in the parish behind The Warren and Newport Pagnell Road. Kier Ltd are now designing the development, which is now going ahead. More »

The SUE has plans for 1000 homes, a primary school, a pub, shops, a large park and a community centre. HPC and villagers will have opportunities to participate in consultations to try to influence some aspects of this large development. A preliminary meeting has been held between HPC and Kier. HPC stressed that the village needs to be involved at all stages of the design process.

Clarification was provided by Kier on the following points:

  • Traffic Congestion. Major modifications are to be made to the Queen Eleanor roundabout with minor improvements to Newport Pagnell Road, but HPC are still very concerned about the ability of Newport Pagnell Road to cope with all the traffic which will be generated by the SUE and other housing developments in this locality. The highway improvements are being organised by the County Council (NCC) who will receive contributions to the cost from the developer of this SUE and other developments in the area.
  • Three Storey Houses. Concerns were raised previously about the proximity of such houses being sited immediately behind properties in The Warren and Newport Pagnell Road. Kier say that any such houses will be sited near to the centre of the development. Boundary rows of houses will be built further from existing properties than previously outlined.
  • Flood Risk. A network of pipes, swales and balancing ponds will be installed to limit the possibility of flooding to low lying areas and reduce the run-off of surface water into local streams.
  • Access to the SUE from the Warren. This will be for pedestrians, cycles and emergency vehicles only.
  • No doctor's surgery is planned. In lieu of this, monies will be provided to the local NHS but HPC are very concerned about the impact this will have on existing surgeries and the effect on residents.
  • Masterplan and Design Code. Kier are developing this and HPC urges residents to comment on the proposals. HPC will inform the village when consultations and exhibitions are open. Residents need to check notice boards, HPC website and HPC facebook for news. Timescales might preclude publication in Forum due to editorial deadlines.
  • New Community Centre. HPC has been told to consider taking on the running of this facility, which would come with a large financial incentive. The population of Hardingstone will be doubled, and the resulting gain in the precept from the Council Tax would provide revenue to run this facility.

It's your turn to get involved. HPC needs your views on:

  1. A name for this development, which is in the parish of Hardingstone.
  2. What groups do you think would use the Community Centre (remember there will be 1000 new properties with many young families)?
  3. What activities/facilities should the centre cater for?
  4. Concerns about Newport Pagnell Road traffic congestion.

Please send any comments or queries to clerk@hardingstoneparishcouncil.gov.uk » Less

Views sought on the important aspects of Northampton life

Fri, 29 Jun 2018 12:19 by Sally Willis

Northampton Borough Council is seeking residents' views on what they feel is important about the town, ahead of completion of a proposal for local government reform in Northamptonshire.

The Government has invited all eight local authorities across the county to submit a proposal for a change to unitary status, in which services are provided by a single organisation rather than split between county and borough or district councils. More »

The proposal is due to be submitted to the Secretary of State by 31 August, 2018, and must follow guidance from Government which stipulates that:

  • A single county-wide unitary is explicitly excluded as an option
  • Each new proposed authority must have a population substantially in excess of 300,000
  • The proposal must be based on existing council boundaries

The countywide consultation is already under way but to ensure what's special about Northampton is considered, the borough council has launched its own separate questionnaire.

Council leader, Cllr Jonathan Nunn, said: "We would like people to take part and complete our questionnaire so we can really be clear what matters to the people of Northampton in terms of events and activities but also the wider traditions that we celebrate here in the town.

"This is separate to the wider countywide questionnaire and again we would urge people to complete this.

"Neither of the questionnaires take long to fill out, yet they give people the opportunity to help shape the future of public services in Northampton."

Visit www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/NorthamptonLife to take part in the borough council survey. The official consultation document and questionnaire can be found at www.futurenorthants.gov.uk » Less