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Update on Hardingstone SUE

Update on Hardingstone SUE

Posted: Thu, 20 Jun 2019 10:26 by Sally Willis

It has recently been announced that Kier is downsizing in an attempt to reduce debt, and is selling off its house-building division.

This will obviously cause some delay in the new development in the village but we don't know yet which firm will take over. More »

The Parish Clerk is in communication with Kier and you will be informed as soon as anything is known.

One advantage in the temporary cessation of work is that nature has taken over and the field is now a glorious blaze of scarlet poppies. » Less

Let’s work together to SCRAP fly-tipping

Posted: Tue, 18 Jun 2019 11:08 by Sally Willis

People across Northamptonshire are being urged to follow the S.C.R.A.P code as part of a county-wide campaign to crack down on fly-tipping.

The code serves as a reminder of the checks to make when arranging disposal of waste items, in order to ensure they are dealt with responsibly and do not end up being dumped in our towns and countryside. More »

It is being promoted in a bid to reduce the number of fly-tipping incidents taking place across the county each year. Councils in Northamptonshire dealt with 22,000 fly-tips in 2017/18, at a cost of around £750,000 to the tax payer in collection and disposal costs.

The new campaign is being led by the Northamptonshire Waste Partnership and is backed by all of the councils in Northamptonshire, as well as Northamptonshire Police, Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service, the Environment Agency and the National Farmers' Union.

It warns residents that failing to take reasonable steps to ensure their waste is disposed of responsibly could result in them facing an unlimited fine or, in serious cases, prison.

Leaving waste items on the street for others to take, outside of a closed Household Waste Recycling Centre, or next to a street litter bin are all examples of fly-tipping for which the punishments apply.

The campaign's S.C.R.A.P. code urges people to:

  • Suspect all waste carriers - do not let them take waste until they have proven themselves to be legitimate
  • Check with the Environment Agency that the providing taking away your waste is licensed by calling 03708 506 506
  • Refuse unexpected offers to have any waste taken away
  • Ask what will happen to your waste
  • Paperwork should be obtained. Get a full receipt, invoice or waste transfer for your waste removal describing the waste and providing the waste carrier's contact details.

Images depicting fly-tipping in front of famous Northamptonshire landmarks have also been produced as part of the campaign, to emphasise the impact it has on us all.

Councillor Tim Allebone, Chairman of the Northamptonshire Waste Partnership, said: "I welcome this new campaign and hope that the information provided in the leaflets, on our website and through social media will help residents to understand the effect that fly-tipping has, not just on their local community, but on Northamptonshire as a whole.

"The S.C.R.A.P code is easy to follow and will help people to carry out the necessary checks to ensure their contractors are properly licensed and will dispose of their waste legally.

"Fly-tipping blights our country-side and town centre areas and we are therefore continuing to work with our partners to crack down on fly-tippers. Everyone has a responsibility to ensure their waste is disposed of legally and failure to do so could result in prosecution."

People can find out more about the campaign on the Northamptonshire Waste Partnership's website at www.recyclefornorthamptonshire.co.uk/at-home/let-s-s.c.r.a.p-fly-tipping-/ » Less

Unitary programme re-designed to include transformation of services

Posted: Tue, 04 Jun 2019 13:23 by Sally Willis

Following the announcement that two brand new unitary councils will be established in Northamptonshire on 1 April 2021, the eight councils involved have agreed a way forward to deliver a programme that will see better-quality service delivery across the county. More »

A transformation programme has been agreed now that Vesting Day has been set for 2021, allowing time for creating much more than just two 'safe and legal' authorities.

In a joint comment, the council leaders of Corby Borough Council (Tom Beattie), Daventry District Council (Chris Millar), East Northamptonshire Council (Steven North), Kettering Borough Council (Russell Roberts), Northampton Borough Council (Jonathan Nunn), Northamptonshire County Council (Matt Golby), South Northamptonshire Council (Cllr Ian McCord) and Borough Council of Wellingborough (Martin Griffiths), said:

"Now that Vesting Day is later than originally anticipated, we've re-visited our programme and built in transformational work that will ensure we can deliver better integrated services from day one, rather than after the creation of the new councils.

"Sustainability is key to the success of the two new unitary authorities and part of that is creating services that provide what residents need when they need it most and are flexible. We're working with health, the voluntary sector and other key stakeholders to make it easier for residents to access the services they need and make sure the right people are working together to deliver that service.

"The programme will be delivered by a team made up of staff from all eight authorities as well as some external programme management support. A Chief Executive from each current authority will lead each of the projects that make up the programme, making it a plan that is owned and delivered by all Northamptonshire councils."

Our vision for the new unitaries is set out in a prospectus for change, which can be found at www.northampton.gov.uk/downloads/file/11071/a-prospectus-for-change. » Less