Hardingstone Parish Council

Serving the people of Hardingstone

Parish Room

Clerk: Mrs Sally Willis
Parish Rooms, High Street
Hardingstone, Northampton

Your Parish Councillors

Hardingstone Parish Council covers the Parish of Hardingstone. There are 11 members who are re-elected every 4 years. The next Parish Council elections are expected in May 2019.

Your other Local Elected Representatives

Northampton Borough Council

Cllr Jonathan Nunn
Tel: 01604 837210
email: cllr.jnunn@northampton.gov.uk

Cllr Luke Graystone
Tel: 0300 330 7000
email: cllr.lgraystone@northampton.gov.uk

Northamptonshire County Council

Cllr Lizzy Bowen
Tel: 07740 176037
Email: libowen@northamptonshire.gov.uk

Member of Parliament

South Northamptonshire

Andrea Leadsom MP
House of Commons

Tel: 01327 353124

Email: via contact on website