Do you are for someone with Dementia?

If You Care For Someone Living With Dementia The Herbert Protocol Is Here To Help

Northamptonshire Police is introducing a scheme to help keep people with dementia safe and found.

The Herbert Protocol encourages families and carers of people living with dementia to compile key information about them on a form, including their description, a current photograph, medical information, favourite locations, hobbies, routines and more.

Stored securely in the home of the person it relates to, the form can be handed to police if they are reported missing, providing immediate, detailed insight into their life and habits to inform search efforts so they can be found as quickly as possible.

The Herbert Protocol form can be downloaded from the Northamptonshire Police website and completed electronically or by hand. It is then stored securely in the home of the person it relates to.

Further copies of the form can be stored securely by relatives and trusted friends and neighbours. In a care home setting, the form should be stored in accordance with data protection laws.

If the person it relates to goes missing, relatives or friends are advised to call 999 immediately and tell the call handler that a completed Herbert Protocol form exists. It is then emailed or handed to police officers, and returned when the person is found.

Used by police forces across the UK, the Herbert Protocol is named after George Herbert, a War veteran of the Normandy landings, who lived with dementia.

Download the form from

Posted: Tue, 27 Nov 2018 12:53 by Sally Willis

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