Update from Neighbourhood Watch

There have been intruders in several gardens of the low even numbers in Martins Lane. To date we know of one chain saw stolen from a shed at the bottom of a garden. There has been garden hopping and maybe the school field may have been one means of access or the mound.Please check your out building and report theft or interference to Police on 101. Police always advise not to leave any items of value such as expensive tools or bikes in sheds but instead leave them in a locked garage if poss.The crime number given by police is 18000631855 and you should use this to link an other similar matters.We estimate that the crime was probably between 4 & 5pm on Sunday 30th Dec 2018 because residents from 3 properties at the low end definitely went out at that time, including dogs!) It was just getting dark.We think there has been a shed door opened towards the middle of even nos in Martins Lane.If you see anyone in a car or on foot hanging about be alert. Thieves watch to see when people go out (and who knows if they communicate to another by mobile phone).Please warn your neighbours and encourage them to look outside. They should ring in even if nothing was stolen but there was evidence of interference.

Posted: Thu, 03 Jan 2019 10:11 by Sally Willis

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