Press release from Northampton Borough Council regarding Cherry Orchard Woods

A Northampton Borough Council spokesperson said: "We have levelled out a large number of ruts, drops and ditches which were created without authorisation at Cherry Orchard Woods, in response to complaints from people who use the park which their children and dogs.

"The wooded area is Borough Council owned parkland, intended for recreation and appropriate public use, and not for bikes. Some of these ditches were more than five foot in depth, and therefore presented a danger to park users; especially children. Videos on line show bikes travelling at high speed, which presents a danger not only to members of the public using the park for its intended purpose, but also to the bikers themselves. The bikers have also dug up part of Delapre Park Registered Historic Battlefield and disturbed artefacts in the ground.

"Our Neighbourhood Wardens have previously spoken with the bikers to inform them that they are vandalising borough council owned land, but they continued to dig these trenches, resulting in the action taken. There are appropriate designated areas within the borough for bikers- for example at the Radlands Plaza- where they can ride and not cause a danger to themselves and other members of the public."

Posted: Thu, 14 Mar 2019 10:06 by Sally Willis

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