Northampton bus services : 7/7A/7B and 11/11A

Stagecoach are revising service 7 (Grange Park – town centre – Moulton Park / Moulton) on Sunday 3rd November, by withdrawing the section between Grange Park and the town centre. Furthermore the bus company are introducing new service 7A (Town centre – Weston Favell), which will provide a quarter hourly service between the town centre and Broadmead Avenue in conjunction with service 7. Service 7B (Town centre – Broadmead Avenue – Moulton) will continue to operate on Sundays :

The Grange Park – Wootton – town centre section (currently served by service 7) will be covered by new service 11 / 11A as shown below, with service 11 serving Hardingstone and service 11A serving Waitrose, Wootton :

Posted: Tue, 29 Oct 2019 13:24 by Sally Willis

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