Share your views on garden waste collections

Residents' views are being sought ahead of plans to introduce an annual charge for garden waste collections in 2020.

An annual charge of around £42 per bin or 100 sack labels, is proposed to be introduced on Monday 6 April 2020 as Northampton Borough Council can no longer afford to run the service free of charge. The plans were proposed as part of the annual budget setting last year.

Residents who sign up to the subscription service will receive fortnightly garden waste bin collections or those using sacks, the equivalent of two black sacks collected a week, across 50 weeks of the year. A two week break in the collections is planned, as usual, each January, to allow for the free collection of Christmas trees and additional recycling from the festive season.

Residents with larger gardens can purchase subscriptions for more than one bin or for extra black sack labels.

The Borough Council would now like to gain an insight into how many residents would subscribe to the service and what suggestions residents might have about the service.

Council leader, Councillor Jonathan Nunn, said: "We know that the decision to charge for garden waste collections will not be popular, however with government funding reducing year on year, we've found it increasingly challenging to deliver the service free of charge.

"We've suggested introducing an opt-in service from April for around £42 a year, which provides residents with fortnightly collections at less than £2 per collection.

"We now want to consult with residents about suggestions in relation to the service including the finer details, before it is introduced."

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The survey will close at midnight on Friday 24 January.

Posted: Thu, 09 Jan 2020 13:48 by Sally Willis

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