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Remembrance Service 8th November 2020

With the current guidelines and the second lock down about to come into force the Remembrance Service this year will be a minimal affair.

There are plans to have a service at the War Memorial with key personnel, which will be recorded and live streamed on Facebook for residents to follow along whilst at home.

There will be no parade this year, however the road around the war memorial will be closed for a short period of time for the safety of those in attendance. We ask that unless invited you stay at home and follow on the What's on in Hardingstone Facebook page. The live stream will start around 10.50am on 8th November. There will be updates on the facebook page should there be any changes.

For anyone wishing to follow the service the service sheet is attached.

This is subject to current guidance which may change as more guidance about the 2nd lock down is announced. Updates will be announced as necessary.

Posted: Tue, 03 Nov 2020 13:18 by Sally Willis

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