Starship Robot Delivery - Northamptonshire Trial

Starship is the world's leading on-demand neighbourhood delivery service that utilises autonomous robotic technology. It has been successfully operating for two years' across Milton Keynes and in many other cities across the world. Starship's Robots are low-mass, slow-speed, electric devices that travel autonomously on pavements, using proprietary mapping, navigation and three layers of sophisticated obstacle avoidance technology. They are limited to 4mph.

Starship have identified Northampton as the ideal place to launch their second operation in the UK.

The initial trial area will go live on 25th November 2020. This will be in Wootton in partnership with the Co-op supermarket. Initially, a fleet of 20-30 robots will serve approximately 3,200 homes in the area during the opening hours of the Co-op shop. When the service goes live on 25th November, residents will be able to order groceries and other items from the Co-op's Wootton Fields store, via the Starship Delivery App and have them delivered right to their front doors.

The reach of this trial covers Hardingstone.

Posted: Thu, 26 Nov 2020 10:16 by Sally Willis

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