Hardingstone Parish Council

Serving the people of Hardingstone

Parish Room

Clerk: Mrs Sally Willis
Parish Rooms, High Street
Hardingstone, Northampton

Planning Applications

The controlling authority for planning in Hardingstone is Northampton Borough Council.

Hardingstone Parish Council is a statutory consultee on Planning Applications relating to Hardingstone, which are considered by the Planning Committee. They will forward any comments or concerns to the Borough Council. The committee is scheduled to meet once a month, but meetings may be cancelled if there are no applications to be considered . The meetings schedule is shown in the Council Calendar, and when the committee meets the Agenda is published at least 3 days before the meeting.

Whilst the Parish Council considers and comments on all applications affecting the parish, only planning considerations can be commented on and Northampton Borough Council can choose to take on board or ignore our comments.

Further Planning Information

Northampton Borough Council's Planning Application database.

Search List of applications

Use of the NBC planning search: The main search box will now accept a wider range of criteria than before, so searches like Hardingstone Lane, Hardingstone will produce results. Selection of a date range can help to reduce the size of the list of applications found. Recent Applications related to the parish are listed